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cultural difference (Kuala Lumpur)

Last week I had a job interview and the interviewer did a favor to me and told what he think.
He said " you don't think you sit very aggressively?"
when I heard that totally shocked. then I asked can you open it up? then he said you are leaning forward during the interview when you crossed your leg over each other.
I just told him that in our culture body language it just means that I am interested in the topic when i lean forward and cross my leg means I am comfortable with the environment.

later I found this link as a proof:
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Later I asked my Chinese friends ,is it really offensive in your culture? she answered, so much offensive and not polite at all.

Later this week I got an email from Jbostreet, suggesting some article to read before an interview, One of them titled "10 behavior that can below your precious interview" and guess what. one of those 10 item was leaning back and leaning forward. leaning back imply you are lazy and leaning forward shows you are aggressive.

It's an amazing cultural difference that by chance I noticed. I appreciate if you share your experience about what consider offensive in /talking/behaving/sitting/eating .... and almost everything in malaysian-chinese-indian culture, so we as expat which living in this country, unintentionally don't offense our host

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