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Friday driving (Kuala Lumpur)

Yes. I know. I should know better, having lived here on and off for the last 23 years. But seriously, trying to get anywhere in a car on a Friday in KL would be taxing even for a saint. Regardless of your religious inclination.

Double parking. Triple parking. Closing of whole the bl..dy road. All because of “I’ve been praising my god and who are you to question that?” Coming out of the mosque, on their bikes and in their cars, pushing in front of you, heedless of any traffic rules. Because they are the righteous ones. Believers. And you’re the infidel. Traffic cops? Seriously? Who would dare intervene and risk the wrath of this sanctimonious mob?

With apologies for being a tad bit less than PC and expecting some flak (from S. and N., at least, who will no doubt be trembling with indignation by now), let me make it clear that I love this country, otherwise I wouldn't have moved here permanently. But hey guys. Seriously. You want to be a developed country in less than seven years from now? Then how about starting to implement basic traffic rules? Not based on a fictitious supreme being one happens to believe in, particularly on Fridays. Just to start with? Then maybe later we can get on to all the other cretins insisting on hogging the outer lanes in their smoking Protons (sorry, S. and N., just being objective here).

Ah, yes. Malaysia’s a great country, innit? As long as you don’t drive. Or happen to be of a certain religious persuasion, in which case you just don’t care. About anything much, as long as you get your Friday afternoons free.

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