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Good Job Internations! Abuse report on James Neil! (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello Internations! I just wanted to share with all of you that I'm so happy of the Internations report action! They take an action immediately! On July 17th Protected content , I've received a twinkle and message from a person named James Neil. This is the message I received :-

" Hey,thanks for the reply,I am james n peter from west virginia USA,I have 2 kids,scott and jerry,my wife passed away about 4 years ago,I get to work offshore in d british virgin islands,I am an independent contractor,I am a structural engineer,hope we could get talking and become friends,can u please send me your personal email,and would send u a more detailed email of myself,my email is Protected content sorry i wouldnt be able to keep in touch via internations,i am still a basic memeber. ......james"

"Thanks for the reply"? Since when I send a message to him? and why he wrote "I'm James n Peter?" It's 2 person? So ridiculous. By looking his photo, wow he looks so handsome caucasian businessman! but WATCH OUT! He is a scammer that always cheat to people! Just looking by his message it's totally a scammer! Be careful with this type of human!!

Then I click on the abuse report, after I got an email from the IN teams, :-
"Thank you for getting in touch with us! In order to look into the matter, we kindly ask you to specify your Abuse report: How did this member irritate you? Looking forward to your response!" Unfortunately I late response their email but then few minutes ago I got another message! :-

"Dear Cikgu,
We just wanted to inform you that we have received another Abuse report on James Neil forwarding us his message. This message is indeed unfortunately known as scam and we therefore have taken immediate action against this Profile. Thank you once again for your report!"

Yeayyy!!! The IN team already blocked and removed him from the IN! ^_^ I don't understand why people love to cheat to another good person..ask the money..and etc? So sad!! Let we make the INTERNATIONS CLEAN & SAFE!

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