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Hard to find good tradesmen in KL? (Kuala Lumpur)

Just wondering if any other expats in KL have difficulty finding good tradespeople to just do simple things around the place?

(Fix a light switch, unblock a drain, repair a cupboard, clean an aircon - you know, the pretty basic things that you just don't want to do yourself or require tools that you will only ever use once)

II just moved into a place and suffered - and still suffering - through hell, just to find a decent tradesman who:

a) knows what he is doing
b) turns up
c) understands that I am NOT going to pay him normal price PLUS expat tax
d) understands that if he does a good job, I will refer him all over the place
e) is not completely blur

Note - I wasn't looking for an a grade licenced electrician or - just somebody who is capable of using their hands, sizing the job up and getting it done:)

If there are a lot of us out there with this problem, I will make an effort and find a few good ones for us.

Anybody interested?

Or, if you have a good trades guy now, let me know here or at Protected content

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