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How can i take my room deposit back?Please consult (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everybody

I am seeking an advice for my situation. Please be patient to read my inquiry and give me advice if it's possible.
I am a Vietnamese and living in Wangsa Maju. I come here for working at a telemarketing company.
I went here at 11 Oct, lived in a hotel for the first month. On 10 Nov, I moved in a room in Zetapark, Wangsa Maju after talk to the owner's agent. As my information from the agent before I move in, the room will have wifi on 15 Nov, he emphasized he has double check with TM unifi and the man who rent the whole unit will provide a wardrobe. I signed a contract with:
- 2 months deposit: 1,400 RM
- 0,5 month deposit for utilities: Protected content
- 1 month pay in advanced: Protected content
- stamping fee: Protected content
In that contract mentioned, in case i move out, the landlord can forfeit my deposit, but doesn't mention the wifi and wardrobe.
I hold 1 copy of the contract without stamping. I don't know the others have stamped or not. Stayed there for 2 months without wifi, I decided to move out.I have informed the landlord 1 month before i move out and require he has to give me back my deposit because the room have no wifi for 2 months. It's not as what they committed. And i also didn't receive any wardrobes from landlord. He denied to give the deposit back to me because he based on the contract to talk with me. I have convinced him to give me back Protected content instead of Protected content . he agreed. But on the day i move out, he said he had no money and committed will give me back next week (week Protected content . I took the key due to moving my luggage out reason. He was not at home at that time. I asked him for took the key and he agreed. After 1 week, i have not seen any calls or messages related to the deposit. I have told him i will sue him if he doesn't refund it. Then, he sent to me a message and based on the contract to debate again and denied to refund. I have contacted him for giving back the key. He didn't answer me.
I want to take my full deposit back. So should i report to the police? Please consult me more for my case
Thank you

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