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Learning like a local (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everyone!

I am currently in negotiations with an awesome company in KL, and am trying to get a feel for the city so I have a reference point for my salary discussions. I was wondering if you fine folks might be able to help me with a few question.

First, housing. I know that, in all cities, the price of housing depends on the neighborhood one lives in. If I were to work in the Bangsar area (I think this is a neighborhood), where could I find a safe, vibrant, and culture rich neighborhood to live in? I am thinking like Belltown in Seattle, or the Village in NYC.

Second is transportation. In my research I am discovering that the train is used as a primary form of transport for most KL residents (similar to the subway in NYC, or the underground in London). How much does the train system cost per month? Is there a site that you folks might know of for the inner-city rail system that would give me more information? How dependable is this mode of transport?

Lastly is safety. I am not a stranger to global travel and I know that every city has it’s nicer areas and it’s not-so-nice ones. What are some areas of KL that someone like myself should steer clear of? Are there certain customs or cultural specifics which the ignorance of would get me into trouble?

Sorry for all of the questions, but most of my global travel has been through Northern Europe and North America, so I am not very versed in South East Asia. Thanks for everyone’s help and I look forward to being a member of this seemingly awesome community!


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