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London to KL September with Baby daughter!!! (Kuala Lumpur)

Greetings All,

It is very likely that myself, my wife and presently 10 week year old daughter will be moving to KL from London later this year. I have naturally done a fair amount of research and will be visiting on a business trip in May. The current scenario is that Singapore is also an option, but my gut feel is that perhaps KL would be better.

However, naturally I have some questions that I hope you can help with. My biggest concern is naturally security for my wife and daughter, I appreciate that we will probably live in a secure condo, but it is their security outside whilst I am away visiting other regional offices that concerns me. Basically what is the score, the rhetoric and the reality?

Search as I have but is a driver required? I have spent the last 4 years travelling to India monthly on business and would not attempt it there, but would be interested in your views as I start to negotiate the contract, bearing in mind that whilst I am working my wife will be looking after our daughter and for this to work for us all she need independence and the ability to move around to hopefully mingle with others in a similar situation.

Finally, well it isn't but don't want to write war and peace(!) obviously at present my wife is totally happy on maternity engaging daily with our daughter. However, as the little one develops and needs daily interaction with others via nursery etc. What are the chances of her gaining employment in KL (heard Visa rule changed true or false), she is legally qualified and currently works in HR and a member of the CIPD. This impacts on the decision and negotiations as if she is basically unable to work for the 4 years minimum we plan then obviously her career development could go south, whereas in Singapore there seem quite a few options.

I would be very happy to meet any couples with a small child in a similar position in KL to buy them a meal or drink in early May to get the general low down on the reality of such a move and advice on locations from Kenny Hills, Bangsar, KL Sentral, and TTDI. Otherwise I will just stroll around Bangsar and introduce myself to anyone with a pram!!

Many thanks in advance for any responses, I hope this first time post opens up some dialogue, if you don't ask you don't get!!



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