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Malaysian language studies in KL? (Kuala Lumpur)



A bit delayed, but in October we are relocating from Thailand to Malaysia. Me myself am employed by a HK based company, so my days are fully booked. My wife on the other hand will need to find something to fill up her days with as our son will be in school. From experience living in different places around the world over the years, a good way to get "familiar" with the new culture is to learn the local language, in this case bahasa malaysia.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to a university or collage that offers full time malaysian language studies, preferably as centrally located in KL as possible as we will be living a stone throw from KLCC. I have searched the web and the only place I have found is the "Centre for Language Studies" in Sarawak... I have also looked at the "studymalaysia" webpage without success.

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