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Malaysian view on company car and daily commute (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello all,

I have recently moved to KL and will start working for a consultancy firm this February.
Now i am looking for some advice and information regarding how work related commute is viewed in Malaysian.

Different from back home, i wont get a company lease car here in KL. So i will have to arrange own transportation. I was told (by HR) that any costs made to and from the clients can be declared. How broad or narrow should i take this statement??

I know from american colleagues that they would take taxis everywhere, specifically because they will get a receipt of the transaction. And would be able to declare the expense.

Is this also how it works in Malaysia? Will i be able to go to cyberjaya every day by taxi. Isnt it much cheaper to get a leas car and just declare the monthly cost?

Any advice on this subject is greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly,


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