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Means of Transportation in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello all,

Many people living in Malaysia feels that the transportation system is incredibly flawed. From the inefficient public transportation system to its lack of widespread coverage, this has directly played a role in the increase of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV) on the road which in turn contributes to worsening traffic congestion issues. For many in the expat community, this may have necessitated the need to purchase a vehicle for short term needs.

I am conducting a study on the transportation problems that we have in this country. The objective is basically to understand how mobility plays a role in our lives, how we currently move about and whether or not people would be interested in using an alternative mode of transportation compared to the one that they are currently using today. As expats in Malaysia, I would like to get your views on this too.

If you can take a few minutes off your time, I would be appreciative if you could help me with this survey:
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Thanking you in advance.


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