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Money Transfer (Malaysia -> Germany) (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all,

thought I give this forum a try to post my question. I regularly transfer money to different countries and generally use transferwise. Unfortunately they don't offer transfers from Malaysia to Germany. I have a larger amount of money to transfer to Germany (privat) and WesterU/MoneyG etc are simply not an option, my banks CIMB/Maybank also charge a hefty sum and the currency exchange rate they use is a joke.

Would anyone from this site recommend a service they might have used before and would have a decent currency exchange rate?

I don't want to lose too much money with the transfer and currently shop around. I am under no time pressure, so can wait a little bit if the service is using a good match on the currency on the market and it would be worth it to observe until decent enough to transfer.

Thanks in advance!

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