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Most cost effective and smooth company setup? (Kuala Lumpur)



Just relocatet to KL from Bangkok 2 weeks ago. Everything has gone smooth and our son is starting an international school on Monday. As he is starting year 1 of primary he will recive his own student visa on which my wife will take out a guardian visa. This leaves me in a little bit of a pickle that I hope someone here can help me with, my situation is as follows:

I work as a freelance agent for a Hong Kong based company. They send me aroud the globe to meet with existing customers in what positionwise is called "advanced customer service". This means I go in/out of the country I decide to live in approx. twice a month... when I am back in Malaysia I DO NOT work. BUT, after living in Asia for quite a while I have a feeling that immigration will raise their eyebrows after a couple of in and outs even though I'm not doing anything illegal.

This leads to the actuall question: Who or what company do you recommend me contacting in arranging a company setup which will give me working rights status in Malaysia? So far I have contacted Protected content , does anyone have any experience with them?
For the record, I am not interessted in the MM2H program.


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