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Moving to KL. (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everyone. I am relocating to KL in July and am looking for unbiased information on the best locations to live in KL. Most of the information I have managed to glean so far is pretty thin / apocryphal so I thought I would post here and ask for some unbiased views.

I have a pretty active life, gym, squash, diving, even a bit of rugby, as well as being a bit of a socialite. I enjoy good food, a beer or two, so I'm looking forward to my new start in KL. It is of course important that I have good amenities close to where I am going to live, so I thought I'd like to live close to the city centre. However, reading through a lot of the info on the net it seems that this may not be the best choice.....

I am a single guy, however I often have friends to visit me, wherever I am in the world, so a 2 bedroom setup would be ideal. I have some idea of budget, RM4-5k would be the maximum spend, so if any of you could advise me on location location location! I would appreciate it.

Ideal situation would be furnished, access to decent amenities, close to nightlife and social scene. A decent kitchen is a must! Preferably close to the city in a decent neighbourhood with access to some green space. I've seen condos with pools and such but not sure if they would fall inside my price bracket. High speed Internet and would also be a bonus!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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