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moving to KL, will work in Nilai, place to live ? (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi all,

we are a french family of 3 with a young 2 years old boy. I'm working for an international food company and we will move to KL during this summer.
For the moment we are based in Indonesia for 2 years and a half.

I will have to go to Nilai at work, and my husband will not be working (he will try of course but we don't expect it happens soon).
We plan to live in KL, we are looking for quiet place to live with house or very good condo, with easy connections (not overcrowded woth traffic jam) for my husband to get some activities in the city center or around the place we would live.
Looking to a map, seems that Bangsar might be the most adapted to our case as I'll have to drive to Nilai daily.
But internet with all useful info available is not enough, I would need real advice from people liveing in KL.

Is Bangsar appropriated for a family style of life ? Is thre activities we can do in the weekend except going to the malls ?

Is it risky in terms of traffic jam if we would like to try northern area as Bukit Damansara or Mont Kiara. They seem more recent (and more expensive as well).
What about Ampang ?

We currently live in a very big house (as we are in Yogyakarta, price are very cheap), in a kind of complex were we can easily go for a walk with the kid and play outside. I'm a bit afraid to have to move to a big tower in a condo, despite the advantages it may provide.
Is there any advice about semi-detached houses or styles like that?

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind feedback,


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