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Moving to malaysia- visa and other questions (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi there

Myself and my husband are moving to Malaysia in Aug and really don't know much regarding Visa. The Malaysian website has not been that clear for us as there's information scattered everywhere so can anyone recommend a helpful website for this?

Also you might be able to answer some of my questions with your fountains of knowledge!

Firstly my husband may have a job opportunity that will also be a study extension for his part 3 architects qualification and so they suggested getting a student Visa. If this was the case could I get a dependence pass on my husbands student visa and also would I be able to work too?

Or would it b a case of my applying for my own work permit and my husband going in on a student visa?

Also if my husband doesn't go for this position and gets a job that will pay him full and not a Student salary, could I then be a dependant on his visa and with that am I able to work? Are there any restrictions on how much I can work and how much I can earn?

Also a non visa related question, we will b living in petaling jaya. Are there many green space and parklands? I really like going for walks with beautiful scenery and in my city, although this is limited, there are some beautiful spaces, does n e one know n e in PJ or KL?

Also, how much would you say is enough to be earning between two people to be living a comfortable life style? So 1/2 bed condo, car, access to swim and gym, healthy food and some leisure activities?

And finally, does n e one know about how to transfer your pennies to a Malaysia. Bank n currency? Do u have to pay exchange rates if u just do a bank transfer or something?

as you can tell, were first time overs so any advice would be wonderful!



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