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Offensive language? (Kuala Lumpur)

Have just had an amusing/scary experience, depending on your point of view.

Wrote to a friend of mine, to his work email (he's working for a US company here in Asia), using the word f.u.c.k. And got an automated reply that, because of a supposed 'profanity', "Your message was not delivered due to automatic rules that have determined that the content of this message violates xxx's (company name deleted by me) inappropriate email content policy." Never mind the fact that the phrase 'violating inappropriate email content policy' is essentially a double negation and as such must have been penned by an illiterate IT-geek, it's the action that frightens me.

Let's get this straight - in almost any context, words like "kill", "maim", "torture", "dismember", "strangulate", "decapitate", "rape" etc, dealing with physically harming another human being, are seemingly acceptable in most so-called civilised societies. Whereas any word or phrase that as much as hints at two (or, more, depending on your preference) people being involved in mutually acceptable, 'unmentionable' activities, or descriptions of certain body parts, are a definite no-no. I can but conclude that only truly enlightened countries are able to distinguish between love (in its many forms) and hate/death.

I may be somewhat biased, having grown up in Sweden, a country where hardcore porn films used to be shown uncut in mainstream cinemas, whereas violence was censored ("Go ahead, punk, make my day" was deleted, as it 'glorified' violence - I know, they went too far...). Never mind the fact that the internationally acclaimed Swedish film "F.cking Åmål" was crudely translated to "Show me love" for 'sensitive' countries, at least in Sweden the film was proudly shown with its original, English, title.

So, people: What is/should be the behaviour of a true civilised country? A resounding YES! for love, or?

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