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Resume/CV assistance for teaching position (Kuala Lumpur)

I have recently decided that I (along with my son) will be moving to Malaysia to live and work. I am about to start looking into potential positions however I realized that ir might be best to get advice on how resumes are presented in Malaysia. I know from experience that every country has its specifications on how a resume/CV is too look, how long it should be, the format etc. Before I go applying for jobs I thought I would ask for a little help.

I have been searching through the forums to see if there is anything that I can find but my searches are coming up with 100's of pages with the keywords I'm putting in. I also got a link from a member (Shawn B) that was very helpful (Thanks!!). I was just hoping to get a little bit more detail. I was wondering if anyone had a sample resume that I could look at, or if any one had the time to look at my resume and tell me what can be changed/improved on. Or if you could direct me to a forum where this question has already been answered that would also be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

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