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Seek advice on long stay in Malaysia - Talent pass (Kuala Lumpur)


We have been living in Malaysia for 5 years and like it very much here.
I am current facing difficulties with my employer here in Malaysia and looking for a way to stay here with my family for longer even if they decide to stop my employment.

I am considering applying online for the Talent Pass. However, one of the requirements for applying for the talent Pass, is a letter of no objection from my employer. At this moment, they seem unwilling to grant such letter.

As our daughters are still studying at an international school and we would like to least disrupt the family situation, I would therefore like some advice on the best way to move forward, especially answers to the questions below:

1. Are there any cases of successful online application for the Talent pass, while being employed, but without such letter of no objection from the Malaysian employer?

2. Are there better alternative strategies such as:
- Applying for the Talent Pass right after losing the job in malaysia. Is this possible? is there no cooling off period required? Is there a better chance of success than applying before losing the job but without letter of no-objection?

- Applying for a long term student visa for our children. If granted, can one or both parents be allowed to stay with them? for how long? Is it still possible to obtain a condo lease contract for such situation without problem from landlords?

Thank you very much for any input on this.

Martin Guerin

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