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Senda Tenner - Revival of the best present ever (Kuala Lumpur)

Guys and gals, I've been asked by a friend (a fellow expat in Dubai) to help advertise his new business - Senda Tenner ( Protected content ). He's just starting up, and even with good traction in the Middle East, he wants to expand the idea, so here's an idea of what it is:

"The website provides a means of gifting small cash amounts on special occasions such as birthdays, to friends and family living abroad. Primarily aimed at users who need to regularly send gifts abroad to nieces, nephews, godchildren and the like, ensures that gifts can be sent from anywhere in the world to residents living in the UAE and the UK.

With a focus on simplicity the site is easy to use and clearly designed. Users simply choose a card, an amount to gift in either £ Sterling or AED, then type in a message, provide the address details and checkout. All payments are made through PayPal which ensures that all credit card details are kept safe."

So if you have a small amount of time, please have a surf on the webpage and see if Senda Tenner if something you want to utilise.

Thanks all.

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