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Setting up a business/seeking employment (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi All,

I know this forum gets inundated with these queries all the time however Im asking if you can point me in the right direction of where to find information / people to contact on either

(i) Seeking work in Kuala Lumpur (or anywhere in Malaysia) (and having lived and worked in SEA I am under no illusions of expecting a full expat package and all it entails)
(ii) Buying a business/ investing into an existing business and working in Malaysia - something in the hospitality field

The reason prompting this is I am having difficulties relocating my dogs back to Australia from the Philippines via Malaysia and am potentially facing a decision whether to relocate one back and leave one behind (I will have this confirmed next week) . My preference is not to do this and having visited Malaysia a number of times (Albeit KL and Penang only) I feel comfortable with the idea of relocating there.

My background is Manufacturing engineering/Quality Assurance/Project Management having worked in the glass manufacture/sheet metal fabrication/printing/Telecommunications and electronics industries from setting up ISO Protected content for companies to factory relocation, fit-out, commission and ramp up production mode.

I also have a strong hospitality background as well which also gives me options in terms of a business model.

Therefore if anyone has any advice on where best to seek employment options or set up a business I would appreciate it.

My email address is Protected content

Many thanks


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