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Tax rebate (Kuala Lumpur)


It seems very late to post this one, but this is my first year in kl, and as all foreigner, i expect to have refund for my tax after 6m pay 26%.
However, it seems like this year they wrote everything in Malay, and i have struggled to have a pin to login to hasil website. But that is not end of the story, just begining. Cause, omg, i dont know where to put, what to put.
I have do some research, in EN ofcourse, but it seem like i missing something and need to submit again. This time i decide to go to tax office. But... I can not call any of their number, and it will be wasting time if just come without asking first, right?
And, do you know any office near bangsar, kl sentral area?
Pls share if you have any experience a out this. Thanks!!!

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