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Are there often cockroaches in Kyiv flats?

Hi everybody,
I've been living in Kyiv for two weeks now, and I'm gonna stay for six more weeks. The flat I've rented a room in (historic building, near Artem) has cockroaches. When you enter the kitchen at night, you'll spot at least five of them when you look at the sink. I'm thinking about moving out, but I don't know whether it's worth the effort, whether I can be sure I won't have the same problem in another flat, too. Does anybody know how often flat in Kyiv are infected with cockroaches? Are there certain quarters or housing types (historic building, panel flat such as in Obolon, contemporary building, ...) where you face the problem more often? Can you rely on the price to judge whether it's likely to meet cockroaches? Who ist responsible for getting rid of cockroaches - tenant or landlord?
Thanks a lot for your help!

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