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Hash House Harriers are back! (Kyiv)

This Sunday the 30th at 14:00 we will be doing a HASH RUN. It consists of getting together to socialize and optionally drink a beer for a little while before we go on a kind of treasure hunt. Some people run it, some people walk it. You do it at your own pace and the entire thing is really funny. We stop for another beer in the middle of it, but continue until we reach the ending point. There we sing some really funny songs and tell some jokes and drink more beers. Hashing is one of the most amazing and funny things I have discovered in my life, and I would like to bring you into it.

All you gotta do is tell me that you are coming, and be at Lisova station on Sunday the 30th at 13:45 and I will bring you in and introduce you to the other hashers.

I would specially like to see some expats showing up!

Bring your friends (only the fun ones).

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