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Kyiv, not Kiev, Part 2

Ukraine has been an independent sovereign nation for more than 27 years but InterNations supports the archaic Soviet-era spelling of "Kiev" instead of "Kyiv".

When I asked InterNations why, here was their reply: "Thank you for getting in touch with us. InterNations is using the spelling of Kiev as it is officially used in such websites as Google."

You gotta be kidding me. Google is your justification? How about this, InterNations:

1) The Ukraine government adopted Kyiv as it's standard
Protected content in Protected content .
2) In Protected content , The U.S. Board of Geographic Names approved the
Ukrainian-language derived “Kyiv” as the official spelling for the
country’s capital city.
3) At the 10th United Nations Conference on the Standardization of
Protected content Names in Protected content “Romanization system in
Protected content was adopted as the international system for the
Protected content of Ukrainian geographical names (i.e., using Kyiv
Protected content of Kiev)?
4) A number of international press use "Kyiv", including the
Protected content Press, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post,
Protected content Telegraph, BBC, and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

And may I finally refer InterNations to an "Open Letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine" in which there is--FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF UKRAINE--the Official guidance on the correct spelling and usage of Ukrainian place names: Protected content

Please, InterNATIONS....don't you think it's time to support Ukraine's quest for an independent, national identity?

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