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Life in Kiev Nov. 2014 (Kyiv)


I "do not wish to post political views" as people here are above that!
My question please: What is life like for average people in Kiev now?
My wife remembers Protected content , when one DID NOT GET PAID MONEY, one got promises or sugar. I see ads for apt. $800/month. We called today to Brovary, and "the gas is turned on", but I saw protests on You tube about no heat or elec in Kiev. Tell me anyone, WHO is paying for workers in Ukraine if Ukraine is broke,we all know the U.S. is bankrupt also. We have not been there for many years but have a condo there.
Before this insanity, everyone got along! Everyone can not be selling cigarettes at the metro, and they will have to pay European price for gas.
thank you , Michael near Chicago

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