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New opportunity for expats in Ukraine - Cultural Adaptability Course (Kyiv)

Greetings everyone,

My name is Eugeniu Girla and I am an expat from Moldova / Romania, currently working in Kyiv. I work for a company named "TalentKapital" that specializes in educational programs / financial consulting / diversity management.

For the past 2 months we have been developing a cultural adaptability course for expats here in Ukraine, the goals of the course are:

· To facilitate and to easy up the adjustment process of foreign business people and expats in Ukraine
· To convey the sensitiveness about Cultural Differences
· To create learning situations that would give expats the necessary skills for a convenient and unique life experience while they are in their new home
· To give preparation and raise the awareness among cultural understanding and cultural adaptability

The idea of the course is to enable expats be as effective as possible in their every day life abroad, and to minimize the acculturation and stress of living in Ukraine.

Here are some of the course main achievements:

· Know and understand the culture, history, values and beliefs, society and heart of Ukraine, plus they will be able to make connections with today's life
· Get to know organizational and people culture in Ukraine and how it influence business and social life
· Get to know stereotypes & paradigms of Ukrainians and realize their own stereotypes about Ukrainians and there for can reduce them
· Understand concepts of cultural awareness (communication, cultural stress, cultural differences)

If some of you are interested or you know people that could be, I can provide therefore more information about the course schedules, costs, agenda, trainers.

I wish you all a great end of the week.


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