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NIGERIA BONNY LIGHT CRUDE OIL – BLCO Cost-Insurance-Freight (CIF), Tanker Take Over (TTO) & Tanker To Tanker (TTT) all available with flexible procedure,.

Suppliers’ procedures would be a “mutually safe” one – one that protects BOTH the primary interests of the seller to be paid
for product delivered, and of the buyer to receive the product he paid for and not to get scammed out of his money.

Sellers’ procedures would be a very workable, buyer-friendly and buyer-favorable one, at least for any LEGITIMATE dealer
who truly wants an HONEST deal. (Supplier will accept, for example, a Documentary Letter of Credit type of payment
instrument, which means, in essence, ‘You seller, you don’t get paid a dime by the buyer UNLESS you have first delivered the

Our method of operation, which is what separates us from most others, is that any buyers or sellers we provide who is on our
Approved Dealers List (ADL) that we would do business with, shall have been well vetted and duly qualified by our expert team of
evaluators before we will put them on the list or provide them to our customers.

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