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Finding the right place for the right price (Lagos)

Knowing the environment in Lagos, Nigeria, it can be a bit tricky finding what you want, as sometimes being someone from another country may make you susceptible to bias in pricing and deliverance of promised quality.

A few of my friends had this problem, but after giving them a heads up on their next appointment, and making them learn 'pidgin' to an extent, things were getting a lot smoother.

Say you are not in a position to get genuine tips and you possibly don't have the time for learning how to get under the skin of the locals, I present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Osaji and Co. Real Estate Surveyors and Valuers. Owned by a Nigerian, who works with a ton of international clients and companies, and believes in delivering what you ask for. As simple as that. No complications, no 'Nigerian time'.

Ever have an inquiry, send us a mail at Protected content .

For individuals looking to buy into a gated serviced estate close to the new free trade zone, send us a mail at Protected content .

If you are an agent and you are looking for huge plots of land to buy in Lekki, ranging from 1, Protected content square meters at 30, Protected content Naira per square meters, send us a mail at agency@paulosajiandco-ng.

Say hello to the new face of honest and straight forward business in Nigeria.

For: Paul Osaji and Co.

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