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Moving To Lahore

For the past 10 years before I left university I have desired to move and settle down in Lahore. I have always loved Pakistan and Lahore has always been my dream get away. Now I am 30 and have spent the better part of 8 years working in the Security Industry in the UK as a Security Officer and now as a Security Supervisor. I feel my dream is slipping away.

Is there any possibility of finding good employment with a very good salary package working in Lahore in a Security field? I know my field inside and out but fear I may never be able to make my dream of living and working in Lahore a reality especially since the fields have different values, as over here in the UK i earn 30+K a year. But i would be more than happy earning just over 1 lakh in Pakistan.

Any advice on where to look and what to do?

A persons dream is a dream until it becomes reality, I am hoping that my dream for the 10 years soon becomes a reality.

Thank you in advance for any advice,

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