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QU about US expat registering an American company (Las Vegas)


I am wanting to start a business while I am expat living in Italy. I am thinking I would like to start an American business since I will be working to bring American tourists over to Italy, and also to provide a larger traveling service, which I won't get into here. I will be the only employee for sometime, but I will pay contractors for work, such as web development.

I am looking to move fast, but to first understand my options first. I don't know much about registering an American company as it relates to expats, and the taxes involved for an American living abroad while running a company. I might not live in Italy for a longtime, and I prefer an American company. Does anyone have suggestions or know someone that has done this before while living abroad, perhaps Italy, or maybe someone that understand the various taxes and laws that apply to small companies working from abroad.


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