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Primary School Recommendations (Leuven)

We are moving to Leuven from the U.S. in August. Our children (ages 8 and Protected content attend public school in Leuven. They are both native English speakers, though our oldest child does speak Dutch with some proficiency. We are looking for recommendations on schools. We visited several schools last summer in Leuven, but our impressions were not good. We had hoped that the Freinet schools would be a good fit for us because we prefer a more holistic and nurturing approach to education, but the Freinet schools we visited seemed disorganized and the facilities were dingy and dark. We also visited a couple Catholic schools, but our family is not religious and we would prefer a secular school environment. (We hear that the Catholic schools are best academically??) One of our children has special needs, so that is a concern as well. Anyone have any advice or recommendations? Thanks!

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