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UEFA Euro 2016 (Leuven)


As all of you know, in June and July this summer the Uefa Euro Protected content place in France. The Belgian television station VRT is broadcasting all the matches of the tournament. Therefore we are looking for people to cheer for their country during the recordings in our outdoor studio.

It would be nice if they could truly represent their country. We’re thinking of typical clothing (no branding!), flags of their country, maybe some make-up in the colors of their country... And everyone can of course bring their family and friends!

We're especially searching for people to attend the following games:

10/jun 21u France-Romania

11/jun 15u Albania-Switzerland

11/jun 18u Wales-Slovakia

11/jun 21u England-Russia

12/jun 15u Turkey-Croatia

12/jun 18u Poland-Northern-Ireland

12/jun 21u Germany-Ukraïne

13/jun 15u Spain-Czech-Republic

13/jun 18u Ireland-Sweden

13/jun 21u Belgium-Italy

14/jun 18u Austria-Hungary

14/jun 21u Portugal-Iceland

15/jun 15u Russia-Slovakia

15/jun 18u Romania-Switzerland

15/jun 21u France-Albania

16/jun 15u England-Wales

16/jun 18u Ukraïne-Northern-Ireland

16/jun 21u Germany-Poland

17/jun 15u Italy-Sweden

17/jun 18u Czech-Republic-Croatia

17/jun 21u Spain-Turkey

18/jun 18u Iceland-Hungary

18/jun 21u Portugal-Austria

19/jun 21u Switzerland-France

20/jun 21u Russia-Wales

21/jun 18u Northern-Ireland-Germany

22/jun 18u Hungary-Portugal

22/jun 21u Sweden-Belgium

People who are interested can email to Protected content or contact me in a private message on Facebook. Please indicate the date on which you would like to come to our studio.

Please don’t forget to mention how many people will attend + a mobile number of a contact person.

We are looking for about 15 people from each country per match. So it would be nice if you would forward this email to your contacts.

Thank you!

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