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WWII Research in Ciney (Leuven)


I am doing research regarding my Uncle's death in a B24 crash near Ciney, 24mar1945. I am planning a trip next fall to the Ardennes US Cemetery near Liege where he is interred possibly including Ciney if any meaningful contacts can be made. I am bringing my 82 year old mother to her only brother's gravesite. I have sent inquires through the International Rotary Clubs in Namur to try to establish some contact in Ciney, so far to no avail. There is a poignant story of a young Belgian woman who comforted my uncle at the end. A farm house which was hit and an infant within who survived. Loose ends which may never be tied, I know, but I kinda like long shots. What would be wonderful is an English speaker in Ciney who could direct me to local papers, hospitals, historians, etc. Miraculously, I have recently unearthed crash site photos as well as first hand accounts. I have found that even the seemingly thinnest threat can unravel quite a lot. Thank you.

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