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Moving to Libreville

Hey all,

I have just accepted a new job in Gabon for three years and was just after a bit of basic info on Libreville, in order to hit the ground running when I arrive in March.

I am moving over on my own, and so will most likely be pretty keen to get into the social scene as soon as possible, once I have found a place to stay. I am fluent in French and therefore am guessing that language shouldnt be an issue. Here are my main queries:

- I presume the large majority of the expat population is French, but what about other nationalities? ie US, Brits, Aussies, etc etc?
- What are the main residential areas for expats, on a budget of around 2,5M xaf per month? I'll be working towards Owendo, and am not looking for a huge place, but it'd be good to get an idea of what this can get me. Are there any property websites on the net? I have not had much success finding any.
- In fact, are there any popular websites for expats or locals for Libreville? Again my own searching hasn't really come up with much.
- I'm a bit of a golf fanatic and have read conflicting messages about whether or not there is a functional golf course near Libreville. Any clarification available on this?

Thanks in advance! Any info is good info at this point.

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