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Arequipa: I would like to connect with expats (Lima)


Hola all,
I have lived in Cuenca Ecuador for about 2 1/2 years and just got back from spending a month in Peru. i fell in love with Peru, and as a place to live I'm really taken with Arequipa. The altitude is much lower, it's nice and sunny, the food is awesome, the architecture and museums are beautiful and I found the people warm and helpful. I also enjoy the plethora of natural herbs and shamans and taitas and being in an environment that has a lot of focus on the Pachamama and the connection to nature.

So I am having a hard time meeting/chatting/emailing any expats who have lived in Arequipa for a couple years. I stayed in the downtown for 2 weeks and didn't meet any expats. I tried to join the FB forum but you have to email the admin and they don't provide her email address.

I am spoiled by our warm and helpful community in Cuenca and I'm sure there's the same in I hope this might lead to those connections.

Peru is so fascinating. I spent a week up in the North studying the Chimu and the Moche and that opened my eyes to the fact that there were so many advanced cultures BEFORE the Incas!

Hasta luego,

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