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Extended Stay in Central Andes (Lima)

My life in three acts:
Act I Protected content and raised in Switzerland
Act II -- Married, had kids, divorced in the USA
Act III -- retired and traveling solo (mostly in the foosteps of the Inca in Peru and Ecuador)
I'm coming to Peru for the 12th time this summer and looking for something other than Cusco and/or the Sacred Valley for an extended stay in the Andes Protected content . I am not looking for immigration status, just a simpler lifestyle than Los Angeles or Lima. I'm still traveling with a Swiss passport and cannot give up US residency because of my Social Security benefits from Protected content of work in the States.
My question is: Are there expat communities in Andean towns such as Ayacucho or Huancavelica? I would love to explore regions in altitudes somewhat lower than Cusco. Whom do I contact? Where do I look?
I speak Spanish and am an uncomplicated individual. A hot shower, a clean and quiet living space and a decent internet connection are all I need.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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