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Getting Visa to stay in Peru - Please Help! (Lima)

I am writing to seek advice on a complex situation/problem.

I am a British citizen of 25 yrs old, I am degree educated and in quite good employement in construciton management. My fiancee is Peruvian and she is expecting a baby. She is previously divorced and undertaking an official divorce in Peru with the plan to marry me in Ica, Peru.

We both saved money for several months, and have purchased two flights to Peru.

I have recently become involved in an altercation in my local city. It looks likely that I will be tried and found guilty of Drunk and Disorderly conduct, a public order, summary offence. It is a very minor offence, but it will be on record.

I have read today that Peru will forbid entry to any foregners with a criminal record. Will this apply to me? I am very ashamed and upset about what I have done, and I am very worried that this could affect my future.

Please can anybody provide any information
Kind regards


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