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Help with Day Trips (Lima)

I have a friend coming to visit me from Canada next week and I am looking to do a couple of day trips with her but am having a hard time. She really wants to do a trip to the healing fountains at Chilca and as well we would like to do a full day trip to a beach where the weather is better (hotter than in Lima, but that is not too far). I found one tour company that offered amazing looking trips to both Chilca for the day with a tour of the town, lunch, etc and some time in the fountains and to Huacho beaches for the day with again, lunch and dinner and some touring and a few hours on the beach, but they won't respond to emails or calls. Does anyone know of any other reputable tour companies that offer day trips like this fairly short notice (like next week and the week after)? I live here but don't have a car and am not really comfortable taking myself (very blonde white girl) and my friend, also a very blonde white girl to anywhere out of Lima alone. Also it would be best if the tour operators speak english as my Spanish is still pretty rough. I would really appreciate any help I can get! She isn't here long enough to really go anywhere too far so If anyone has other ideas for things to do that would be great!

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