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Is Peru more Dangerous for a gringo? (Lima)

Very relevant question, I probably should have looked into more before moving here and planning to get married etc.

Nevertheless, I have been here for a week now and every time I see the news I am a bit concerned for my safety. I am not actually living in Lima anymore, but I am yet to find the Ica expat community.

Outside of Huacachina I am the only gringo wandering the streets and I am a little concerned. My girlfriend is always telling me the importance of being discreet, and not to be flashy with money, cell phones etc.

I am aware that because of my skin colour and terrible castellano, I am instantly perceived to have money in my pocket. My fiancée agrees that at some point during my life here I will probably get robbed. Yesterday her younger sister and her boyfriend were robbed outside of our house at gunpoint, adding to my worries, and reinforcing the idea that I need to get some kind of protection.

I do not know what the law here permits, or where I can find out my rights to defend myself- I am told that to do so in any case would be very foolish.

Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.

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