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Networking Event Expectations (Lima)


Hi all,

I would like to ask what the expectation is for a networking event with internations.

I joined his page and paid the fee primarily for the chance to meet people who could teach me more about the Software Development Industry here in Lima, and have been lucky to meet some very helpful people on a one to one basis so far.

I went along to the last networking event but it wasn't what I expected. I know that I have to do the leg work, but I am new to networking and I thought such an event would be set up to help newbies and experts alike.

I was under the impression that Internations ran networking activities at these events, I have heard talk of speed dating type activities and bingo games. This type of thing would certainly help me out. Is an activity part of what I should expect or is that just something that has been an extra in the past? Am I being lazy? I genuinely would appreciate a short activity to help me initiate contact with different people.

I was also surprised about being charge an entrance fee to what appeared to be someone's house. I understand that the event was cancelled this month, so maybe that had something to do with the location, but from the name, "La Casa de Kike – an underground location", I thought it was a bar or restaurant. Maybe as a new member I missed a play on words or something. Do you charge an administration fee for networking events?

So my question is really about how these events are set up. Is there a template for a networking event or is it down to us as a group to decide the format and content? Are these events a part of what we are paying for when we join Internations or are they at the discretion of each local Internations network?

It would be interesting to hear what other members expectations are of such events.


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