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PROYECTO IRIS - need your help (Lima)

Hello everyone

PROYECTO IRIS! We are a communications platform that seeks, through participatory photography, to share children’s perception of their environment. We use photography because it is a tool that can be shared in a simple and fun way that also allows the children to get involved in a project that empowers them using the image as a strong communication tool. Iris Project is conducting photographic workshops in Lobitos in a poor community where children are the main participants. That's why we ask for your help to collect used digital cameras to enable us to continue teaching. Help us continue collecting images! If you have a digital camera that you no longer use, donate it! This way you will be helping a child to learn to take pictures and to express himself or herself through the creation of images.

If you have Battery charger , rechargeable battery that would awsomeeee.

Thanks for your time

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