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street art in lima (Lima)

hiya fellow expats!

can't seem to find a similar topic here, so i'll just make a new one.

anyway, i really enjoy all kinds of street art and i'm always in the quest of searching for new pieces of art around the city. lima is ginormous and can be fairly difficult to explore it unless you know where you're going so i need your help.

other than miraflores, which i'm very familiar with as a big time urban hiker, and main parts of barranco and chorrillos - i need your recommendations on hidden jewels of this kind of art around the city of lima.

so anything from murals, (stencil) graffiti, stickers, posters etc... i'm mainly interested in barranco and chorrillos, since it's easy to reach them by foot, but other parts of lima as well (especially city center if anything made it through the drama of repainting the murals a few months ago). actually i've just discovered there are plenty of murals in callao as well, so really - anything is welcome.

if there is any aficionado of street art here, please do share with me your secrets! any recommendation on streets, parts of town, neighborhoods etc is more than welcome! :)

thanks and have an awesome weekend everybody!


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