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Westfalia Orphanage needs your help (Lima)

We recently were contacted by Westfalia Orphanage to go this coming Wednesday to introduce our Social Awareness Campaign to the kids and staff.
Yesterday one of our other volunteer was there and when she came back to relate her experience, it was too hard to take.. These children are in very much need. They do not receive help from the government because of legal issues, they cannot even get adopted because of this.

We will be going on Friday with a group of people not related to my Social Enterprise to help with cleaning and other stuff, and next Wednesday, we will be going as Express Connect for our campaign as I heard there is some violence between these children. PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO COME, ANY OF THESE DAYS, YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO DO SO, WE CAN TAKE YOU FROM LA MOLINA TO THE ORPHANAGE AND THEN BACK TO LA MOLINA.

I am busy with many things, but I can't continue with my busy and pleasant life like nothing happened after hearing this. There is also a blog, if you guys want to know more about this place and you can also search it on the web.

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