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Best location? (Limassol)

Hi. I'm moving to Cyprus from Crete shortly. I'll be flying over to do a quick recce with a view to determining which part of Cyprus I would prefer to live in, and I wondered if anyone might be kind enough to give me a few pointers....

I prefer a fairly quiet life and location, and I'm not keen on living in a city, if it can be avoided. I'm single and so I need some sort of local social scene ('bar where everyone knows my name') but am not into sports bars or small talk. I'd prefer somewhere with a sense of geographical space, and within at least reasonable proximity to the sea. Prefer a mixed community rather than one comprising mostly retired couples. Any ideas? Many thanks.

EDIT By the way, I mean Cyprus as a whole and not just Limassol. I've posted here in the Limassol group as it appears to be the only one.

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