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Courses of languages, music, dances, gardening etc (Limassol)


Hi everyone,

If you are thinking that learning Greek is difficult and expensive, you are wrong about one thing, it might be difficult (still not impossible) but it’s free if you go for state courses.
I personally take French courses to refresh my knowledges and I paid only 55 euro per level for the entire scholar year (from October till May). At the end you get a certificate for the language level that you've passed. I am happy with it and I thought of sharing this info since many of you might want to learn some Greek to integrate better in your new hometown or you may think of learning some other activities now that you find the time…

If so, please read all info on this link or see the passages that I copied for you further bellow:
Protected content

The Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture, in cooperation with the European Union through the Structural Funds, wish to inform all those concerned that during the upcoming school year Protected content will be offering to migrants and other non-Greek speaking residents of Cyprus Greek language learning courses FREE OF CHARGE.
This programme is especially geared towards those foreign persons in vulnerable social groups who wish improve their potential from economic and employment advancement. Details and application forms at a later stage through the webpage of the Adult Education Centres
Protected content .
Lessons will take place 2 times per week and will be of 90-minute duration.
Details will be announced later.


“The Adult Education Centers of the Ministry of Education and Culture is the most
important program of providing general adult education in Cyprus, within the
lifelong learning context. Their main objectives are the development of adult
learners’ personality as well as their cultural orientation and citizenship. The Adult
Education Centers offer a variety of interdisciplinary subjects which focus mainly
on the teaching of foreign languages, on culture, arts and crafts, health and other
subjects of general interest aiming at the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills
by adults for further personal, professional and social development.
[…] An Application Form for the subjects offered can be found at the back of the
information booklet. You can forward the Application Form by mail to the Adult
Education Centers of Limassol - District Education Office, P.O Box Protected content , 3304,
Limassol or fax it at Protected content . Also you can send it on line […]”

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