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Well the other day i bought a phone from MediaElectronics through Protected content and today i get an email stating the following.
Reason for Refund : pricing error
Seller Note : Hi dear Customer,
This item is pricing error that is why we have canceled your order.I hope you understand us.
Apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Kind regards,

No i don't understand how dare they where do we live when you advertise something for a price and then the customer buys it and pays for it and then gets the above email. If a product is advertised for a certain price its like saying sorry I don't like that price i will change it because its wrong. Well you made the mistake but let the consumer suffer.

Then i get this from

Do they think customers are stupid or that we cant make enough noise.
You cant understand my frustration buddy nor is the below statement correct..

How can you say if you make a mistake prove it was a mistake what is classified as a clear mistake. Wow you punish the seller by either suspending or revoking privileges doesn't sound like much. I can tell you this website sux and i don't recommend anyone buying from them

As I can understand your frustration but it is stated in our terms and conditions that if threre is a actualy mistake the seller can cancel the order.

"4.2.1 When you offer goods for sale and a buyer chooses to buy from you, you are obliged to sell the goods to the buyer at the price advertised. You may not choose not to dispatch to certain buyers nor refuse to honour a price set unless there was a clear mistake involved in the pricing. Sellers who are negligent on more than one occasion may have their selling privileges revoked or suspended."

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your time & valued custom.

Kind Regards,
Customer Support Team

I have had enough of these ppl do they think we are idiots

Any ideas as to what to do???

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