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G.T. or Not to G.T. That is the Question?.. (Lisbon)

Dear Fellow Internations Members,

I trust you have all enjoyed a relaxing & enjoyable weekend! Internations Portugal has come along way in many aspects since Jose Matos & myself took over as Co-Ambassadors in July Protected content . We sincerely hope you are all enjoying the interaction with members in Portugal & are also able to make new friends & exchange global minds around the world.

It gives Jose & I great pleasure to see the rising numbers of different events that some of you are posting. However it has come to our attention that from time to time there have been certain events posted on the same night as our monthly Get-Togethers.

Internations Get-Togethers are the core meeting point for members "In the real world" giving you all the chance to meet, relax & have fun with members you know online. But also to meet other members.

This is the most important date in the month for Internations events & it is carefully set up by Jose & I for everyone to meet. We both take a lot of person time & effort to find locations that you will all enjoy & at the same time offer a value package.

As all of us know the monthly Get-Together is always held on the fourth Thursday of each month. This gives everyone time to plan their diaries & come along if they wish through out the year.

For these reasons Jose & I would like to kindly ask all fellow members not to post events on this date as it clashes with what we set up for you guys.

Your understanding & cooperation is much appreciated.

Many thanks

Chris Warman & Jose Matos

Lisbon Forum

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