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Hello, My name is ________ (introducing myself) (Lisbon)

Hi! This is my presentation here! I am a Portuguese-Venezuelan, but have live almost 50% of my life outside my wonderful country. I have lived in several cities in Venezuela, in the Uk, in the USA and Chile. Also like to travel a lot. I speak 3 languages: spanish, portuguese and english, and would love to learn italian and french. Although I think Italian would come first.

I have been living in Lisbon for the past 2 years, and enjoying it, I am totally in love with the city. I don't think I'm gonna move in the near future as I'm still honeymooning with her (yes, Lisbon is definitely a girl!). My wife would be jealous reading this, but I am pretty sure my 9 months old baby girl would agree with me, since she puts some interesting faces from her trolley anytime we walk around the city.

Since I arrived here, I started to write a blogguer/tourist guide for Lisbon in Spanish called "Lisboando". Since then, I started writing several other guides with associates around the world, having other guides for portuguese, spanish, and american and s.american cities. As for Lisbon, I know pretty much every nice corner to eat a nice meal, cheap or expensive, and some underground restaurants too, I know how to get from point A to point B easily by public transport since I don't use a car, and if you want to do a ginginja trial around the city I can help you out.

Also, I do work as a Concierge in my other enterprise, Belle Concierge (, a company we started to help expats, corporate and official personnel from embassies within the Iberian Peninsula. We are just starting but we have some signs pointing us that we are in a good track! So, if you ever need help, consultancy as a particular, enterprise or official embassy member, give me a shout! From transfers to private tours to events, to help you buy a house, we can cover you. I have partners in Spain if you ever need to cover other than Portugal.

So, basically if you need info about the the city of Lisbon, I am your guy. Be it for business of professional reasons, just give me a shout! I would love to hear from you and answer all your questions.

As from what I expect from you, is all really up to you, but basically a smile in return, a warm conversation during the winter months, or a nice beer in the esplanadas during the summer would be nice, though!

Well, hope this helps you get to know me better and hope to hear from you soon, too!


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