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Lisbon 25-27



I am a new user to and this forum. I registered some time ago, but until today I was too busy to make any use of this.

I will be in Lisbon, July Protected content . I would be interested in meeting with a lawyer, a solicitor or an architect, if you know good ones, before I leave on the 28 to explore Central Portugal, in search of a little house to buy. I am really not wealthy, but I could use a bit of advice.

If you, yourself (user of this forum) will have some free time and might be tempted to meet with me, I will gladly invite you for lunch.

About me: A 45 years old Canadian man, who's been living in the former Soviet Union for the last 15 years, mostly in the Caucasus, but also in Russia. I've worked with Armenians, Georgians, Chechens, Ingush, Russians, Tatars, Abkhaz, etc. I am currently working as a Head of mission for Doctors Without Borders. My interests include good food, swimming in open waters, wine making, writing and poetry, ancient and modern arts, world politics, etc. I speak English, French, Russian, and Armenian. Now learning Portuguese!

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