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More than a ex Internations Embassador in Brazil (Lisbon)

A guide / chauffeur, gentle, cult, educated, careful, communicative and very well-spirited who organizes, picks and follows up your clients travel, but can also simply keep company for a happy hour.

Originally from Porto, but a citizen of the world, the professional and social culture acquired and lived in several European and South American countries, mostly in Brazil, are great distinctive of his work, allowing him to offer you quality experiences which a common guide hardly could provide.

•Can help to decide where to go, what to visit or even prepare an exclusive tour for a group of fellows with similar interests.
•Who finds and suggests the best accommodation and cultural programs options as well as leisure;
•A friend to pick you up at the airport, help with all the procedures and stay with you until the end of your stay.
•A driver / guide that explains the history and the curiosities of the areas visited with time to appreciate the places, cities, villages, boroughs and spots that are not in the conventional touristic itineraries, showing the geographic, historic, religious and artistic diversities.
•A friend that extends his arms to help you climb the stairs and is present when you are shopping, showing the best opportunities not allowing you to be tricked or defrauded.
Ready to present you to the origins, traditions, beauties, the eno-gastronomy and the culture from Portugal and the Azores, without leaving behind the mysticism of Santiago of Compostela or Fatima, and the European diversity, in a calm way which allows the perception of the soul of the people and the emotional register of those memories.

•Helping to identify the business and real estate opportunities.
•Creating and completing meeting agendas, following processes, translating, shortening cultural disparities and even counselling executives in Road Shows or exploratory expeditions.
•All this without forgetting the companions to whom itineraries are made compatible according to your desire.

Count on me!

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